2. Zebadiah Crowe
    London, UK
  3. Kruor Noctis
    New Zealand
  4. Tumanduumband
    England, UK
  5. Fall of Man
    Wellington, New Zealand
  6. Pime
    Tallinn, Estonia
  7. Gealach
    Cork, Ireland
  8. Praetorian
    North Hertfordshire District, UK
  9. Fashion Killers
    NRW, Germany
  10. As Above So Below
    Paris, France


Lore Breaker Records England, UK

Welcome to Lore Breaker Records.
Extreme Heavy Sounds from the Underground.
A new record label bringing you the best new black metal, death metal and all the sub-genres of heavy metal with global distribution. Bringing your music to new ears. Get in touch now. ... more

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